National Park Kornati

In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, at the juncture of Šibenik and Zadar islands, there is a separate and in many ways a special group of islands called Kornati. Due to the exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, indented coastline and especially the rich biodiversity of the marine ecosystem in 1980. greater part of the Kornati archipelago was declared a national park.

Kornatsko otočje

Today the National Park Kornati covers an area of 220 km2 and includes 89 islands, islets and rocks with approximately 238 km of coastline. Despite this relatively large number of islands, the continental part of the park makes less than 1/4 the total area, while the rest is marine ecosystem.

Kornati Islands

The Kornati archipelago, as a separate and distinct group of islands located at the juncture of Sibenik and Zadar islands, stretches over an area of ​​about 320 km2 and includes about 150 terrestrial, permanent or temporary above-sea units. This is the most indented island ecosystem in the Adriatic Sea, which includes as many as 12% of all Croatian islands (1264 islands, of which 67 are inhabited), and only 1% of the Croatian sea surface, long attracted the attention of the many boaters, divers, hikers and other nature enthusiasts.