Jezera are located on the southeast side of the island Murter. The town is drawn into a horseshoe shaped bay which is surrounded by gentle hills. Because of its position the town is not exposed to blasts of wind, so it's an ideal as a dock for ships. The town has 960 inhabitants.

Jezera - island Murter
Jezera - island Murter

The first written records of the town Jezera are dating back from the year 1298, but the place is much older, because near the town in the bay Podjasenovac in 1938, was found two graves of Illyrian tribes Liburna in a stone pile. Such stone piles has a lot in town surroundings. Particularly interesting is large stone pile called Pudarica, because in ancient times on her were Pudari guarding the fields.

The name Jezera (lakes) comes from the fact that rain stops on the place where is impermeable soil and creates a large puddles. Mud or Lake, in ancient times wetlands southwest of the town, dried up due to malaria in early 20th century, while another body of water called the Puddle is full of water from first to last long periods of rain.

Of all the places on the island, Jezera are the first village that began to build houses by the sea in the mid 18th century, most of them were country type. Until then, there was a danger of robber attacks from southern Italy, because the place was so tight and away from the coast about 500 meters as evidenced by two older forms of settlement Selo (village) and Košuluk.

Organized gathering of local people in cultural associations is particularly increased by the reverberation of Croatian national revival in Dalmatia. In the late 19th and early 20th century are founding the associations "Društvo narodne izobraženosti", Public Reading Room, "Hrvatski sokol", and "Hrvatska seljačka sloga". Of all the fishing cooperatives in the Adriatic, the oldest one is in the Jezera, founded in 9th August 1922.